Player Unknown is no stranger to having a lot of people play his content. Before becoming the creative director of Battlegrounds his reputation was made by coming up with ideas for different game modes whilest modding. His initial fame was made with a mod for military sim ARMA 3 that became a hit with the large community. The mod iteself imagined a competition – reminicant of Kinji Fukasaku’s Battle Royale movie from 2000, whereby contestants fight to the death on an island whilest scrambling for supplies and weapons. The competative nature of the game mode coupled with its pace made it perfect for the eSports fanbase and the mod blew up on Twitch and Youtube.

So popular was the game mode that Sony Online Entertainment – now Daybreak – approached Player Unknown to use his Battle Royale game mode in their survival title H1Z1. The format was again hugely popular for gamers and viewers alike and propelled H1Z1 into the top played and viewed games. Despite its popularity the game mode was plagued with issues and bugs. Often cited as a problem when dealing with other game engines it was hard to create a solid project while not being in full creative control.

Player Unknown’s Battlgrounds

This is where Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds comes into the fray. Teaming up with Bluehole Inc, a S. Korean studio, he was able to become creative director of his own game. Using Unreal 4 they put together a game that sits somewhere between the unrelenting realism of ARMA 3 and the arcadey H1Z1. Games are fast pased and tense and as a result it has garnered a huge amount of popularity both amongst players and twitch viewers. Popular streamers such as Sacriel, Lirik and Summit have been marathoning the game.

In a world where games increasingly take up a lot of time – often hundreds of hours – one can start to see the appeal of being able to drop in for a few rounds of a fast paced, tense, first person shooter to get the blood racing. The game hangs on a balance of luck, skill and strategy meaning that is can be quick to pick up but hard to master. The game is now available on Steam Early Access and is scheduled to recieve a lot of updates in the coming months. Be sure to check it out if you feel like spending some time in a high octane FPS with a quick turn around time.