I remember being absolutely blown away the first time i player Resogun when the Playstation 4 was released. This was the main reason that my interest was peaked when i heard the creators of that masterful shmup were releasing a new shmup, Nex Machina, and it was coming to PC. Housemarque – a Finnish studio of talented developers boast an impressive back catalogue. According to an interview with Nvidia, CEO Ilari Kuittinen this will be their first PC release since Supreme Snowboarding in 1999 which represents a return to the company’s roots. nex machina logo

If having Housemarque working on another voxel based twin stick shmup was not enough to get you excited then the fact that they are working on Nex Machina with legendary developer Eugine Jarvis, of Defender and Smash TV fame, surely grabs you by the cheeks to get your attention. The result appears to be a fast paced, skill based race for high scores and combo building. Blast robots, race around levels and watch those voxels fly. We want to be playing it right now!

nex machina screenshotThe prospect of playing this game at 4K on PC is enough to get most enthusiast gamers very excited indeed and the studio has been working with Nvidia to reacquaint themselves with the fresh challenges faced by developing for PC. Nex Machina is pencilled in for a release in the summer of 2017 so be sure to head over to the steam page and add it to your wish list if this game looks up your street!