Square Enix has announced a “dark fantasy RPG” with the title Mashiro Witch: Midnight Marchen that will likely receive a release on iOS and Android in 2017. The title that is centered around six princesses that aim to save the world that is on the verge of destruction.

Mashiro Witch Midnight Marchen Screenshot Square Enix

The world, on the verge of destruction, is ruled by witches known as the “Six Princesses,” who make up the “Princess Banquet.” In order to save the world from demise, magical girls throw themselves into battle. The Six Princesses are afraid and try to use rare beings known as “Pure Whites” (Farbros) in order to relieve the magical girls of their bloody everyday lives.

Initially only announced for release in Japan with in-app purchases Mashiro Witch: Midnight Marchen will allow players to play cooperatively alongside each other and allow users to combine magic with “Union Magic”.



The title looks to continue Square Enix’s strong presence in the mobile market and, at least due to early looks at it, aims to provide a quality gaming experience on a mobile handheld device. For more information check out the official page(JP) for the game or twitter(JP).