Jim Sterling is no stranger to being attacked. Waging a one man war on ‘bottom of the barrel’ steam developers in recent years has seen him stalked, slandered and sued. As one battle ends, another often begins and now he has found himself in the limelight again over the now famous Jim Sterling Zelda review.

Jim, formerly of Destructoid, has long since gone indie with his own Youtube channel and Jimquisition website where he publishes his own content regularly. His content is well thought through, explained and fair but that has ceased to matter when he caught the ire of Zelda fans who objected to his 7/10 review for the current industry darling. Jim’s primary criticisms of the game rested with the poor durability of the weapons.

Regardless of how well laid out his thoughts were in the review he appears to have committed the terrible sin of not giving The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild a perfect score. His review was blamed for damaging the metascore of said game and the subset of the Zelda fan base set about harassing him and performing a DDoS attack on his website. the attack has since stopped but he has been under a steady attack of trolls that don’t seem to understand that taking on Jim Sterling is usually a recipe for disaster. Just ask Digital Homicide.