The two games couldn’t be further apart. One is a dark, challenging dungeon crawler with skill based combat. The other is an open world tactical shooter. That hasn’t stopped Ubisoft from adding a subtle nod to the notoriously challenging Dark Souls in its most recent visit to the Ghost Recon franchise. Youtube user xGarbett tracked down this great Ghost Recon: Wildlands easter egg that is a great nod to Dark Souls and further solidifies the title as a cornerstone of gaming culture.

dark souls destiny wildlands easter egg

But the Wildlands easter egg is not the first game to reference Dark Souls. Destiny, Mirrors Edge and The Witcher 3 all boast small moments that refer to the game so iconic it got a genre named after it. The iconic fire pit that epitomizes the game to Souls fans has found its way on top of a hill in Ghost Recon’s Bolivia. To us this, along with other nods to the series in other AAA titles, serves to highlight how important From Software’s games have become to both developers and consumers in the market.

The one question left on our lips is “Where exactly are Dark Souls easter eggs going t appear next?” Keep your eyes peeled.